Lt. Col. Mohammed Ghayath

Lt Col Mohammed Ghayeth

After doing my bachelor’s degree in Physics and diploma in Education (1990) from University of Bahrain, I have joined police force and worked in Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) of Ministry of Interior (2000). That was my first exposure to forensic science. During my first years at work, I participated in many categories of cases such as robbery, murder, hit and run, sexual assaults, tyre and tool marks. In 2005, I was promoted to position of Head of FSL, taken into account the responsibilities of all sections and departments in FSL. Among that, I am a lecturer in the Police Royal Academy, giving lectures in forensic science to police cadets.

In 2007, I have earned my MSc in Forensic Science from Teesside University-UK, dedicating my studies and research to develop the FSL.

In 2011, I have established the IED reconstruction section along with many counter-terrorism techniques which some were ground-breaking by our team in FSL. At the same time, while working with my team, I have set new strategy for counter-terrorism entitled as the Forensic Science Intelligence (FSI) which defines the knowledge management of the challenging cases such as organized theft and terrorism. Currently I was assigned as the acting director of Forensic Science (DFS), unleashing more accountability for outstanding faculties such as Crime Scene, finger print and FSL.

During my 19 years work experience, my main interests are empowering human resources, including team work and R&D.

Major Yaser Ali Alaraibi

Major Yaser Ali AlaraibiI have joined police force (2005) with bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Bahrain (2002). First I was assigned as head of Physics Section, handling many cases regarding tool marks, tyre marks and footprints, along with fire debris residues section. In 2009, I have been promoted to work as Head of Fingerprint Department and played an important role along with my team in the commencement of Department of Fingerprint including the Chemical Enhancement Laboratory, which is well equipped with all the latest instruments. Moreover, I had brought the lab to an international standard which helped in successfully uncovering many unsolved mysteries of both terrorist and criminal acts.

In 2011, I have earned MSc in Forensic Science from University of New Haven- USA. During my work, I was strive to achieve highest standards possible, at any given task and in any situation.

As a member of the "GCC fingerprint and informatics technical team", I have participated in delegated missions and meetings and could give productive inputs and suggestions. Also, I have taken a significant role in "The national biometric database" project which will aid all the faculties in MOI especially the security of boarders. Moreover, I played a vital role in preparing and organizing the "Forensic science specialist qualification program" project since 2012 and worked as a project coordinator and involved in the project's budget study and the corresponding training plan. My work interests are the continuous support for the human resources and instruments in the department.

1st Lt / Mohamed Ebrahim Albuarki

1st Lt Mohamed Ebrahim AlbuarkiI have joined ministry of interior (2011) and graduated (2015) as an officer with a degree in bachelor in law and police science. I have joined Muharraq’s police station for 3 months, then went to join the SSFC for another 3 months as part of training .

Currently I have been serving in MOI as a crime scene officer in the general directorate for criminal investigation and forensic science for 3 years. I have been exposed to different cases related to criminal cases such as challenging homicides, organized robberies and terrorism cases.

I have participated in the second version of GCC forensics and exhibition that took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE and was in contact with many companies and expertise from around the countries.

My cases of interests are Post- blast scenes, theft/ burglary and arson.

Noora R. Al-Snan (PhD Ongoing)

Noora R. Al-SnanI have joined Ministry of Interior (MOI), Bahrain (2008) as an enthusiastic DNA analyst in General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science, FSL and currently assigned as the head of DNA lab.

In 2012, I have received my MSc degree in medical biotechnology specializing in genetic engineering for recombinant proteins from Arabian Gulf University (Bahrain). I have completed a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and biochemistry studies from Kuwait University (Kuwait).

I have analyzed and solved many challenging cases mainly related to terrorism, robbery and murder. I am currently assisting in the validation and R&D team whilst completing my PhD (2017) degree in Molecular Medicine in Genetic Ancestry studies using forensic applications at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) with the cooperation of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (Riyadh, KSA).

I have attended many conferences and workshops as a speaker and delegated from MOI. I have achieved many outstanding results along with my team as we have obtained the 5th position worldwide for the Gordon Thomas Honeywell DNA Hit of the Year that was held in HIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria (2017).

Also, we have set innovative protocols regarding recovery of DNA from RDX-C4 evidence, Forensic DNA intelligence, fast and effective DNA extraction from teeth, bones and maggots.

My main interests are investing in human resources, continuous education and R&D.

Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Debis

Dr Yasser Mahmoud DebisI have joined Ministry of Interior – Bahrain (2003) as medical forensic expert at General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science, dealing with different cases related to homicides, sexual assaults and performing autopsies with MSc in Science study in Medicine (MSC), Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University (1999).

Earlier I was working in many faculties in Egypt (House officer at Alexandria University Hospital, 1993-1994. Medical Examiner Officer in Egyptian Army, 1995-1996. Medical Resident at Ministry of Health, Egypt, 1996-1998. Forensic Medical Examiner in Egyptian Forensic Medicine Authority, Ministry of Justice, Egypt, 1998-2003). Each work position provided me with the precise skills and opportunities to improve myself in my outstanding career.

In 2009, I was assigned as the Acting Chief of Forensic Medicine Department at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science – MOI, Bahrain. I have the following responsibilities: Examination for crime of scene cases. Examination for all normal death cases outside the hospital boundaries. Examination for all suspicious cases, suicidal and homicidal. Forensic autopsy for homicidal cases. Medicolegal examination for traumatic cases. Medicolegal examination for sexual abuse and torture cases. .Other duties including: Training and supervising junior medicolegal examiners. Lecturer at Royal Academy of Police. Attending courts to provide medicolegal consultations. Supervisor to recovery of buried corpses upon the request of Public Prosecution or Courts.

During my work experience, I have participated in many conferences and workshops as speaker and delegate from my work.

Jalaludheen Mohamed

Jalaludheen MohamedI have joined Toxicology Section, Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Bahrain since 1985 as currently working as a senior chemist. I have graduated in Chemistry under Madurai Kamraj University (India).

I have analyzed many cases related to narcotics, drugs, pesticides, alcohol and other volatile compounds in body fluids, post-mortem and other suspected material. I have excellent exposure to toxicological experience in various immunoassay screening systems, GC, GC-MS, GC.HS, HPLC, UV-VIS spectrophotometry, LC-QTOF and SPE modules.

I have involved in new analytical methods along with my team, R&D and also training of the toxicology staff.
During my work years, I am involved in trouble-shooting and maintenance of different analytical instruments and participated in workshops exhibitions.

Bilal Sultan Alzuabi

Bilal Sultan AlzuabiI have joined Ministry of Interior (MOI), Bahrain (2012) with diploma in Electronics Systems (2002) from Alpalqa applied University, Jordon. As soon as I have joined to work in FSL, I have established the Electronics section (part of Physics Unit), with the support of the Head of F.S Laboratory.

I have obtained many certifications such as physical analyzer -Logical analyzer from cellebrite, Chip Off data recovery, Cold advance chip Off data recovery, JTAG data recovery, Advanced flash Boot loader data recovery and forensic vehicle data recovery.

My main tasks and responsibilities are: data recovery from mobiles and vehicles related to the terrorist cases, analyse IEDs and electrical fire investigation.

I have attended many conferences as a speaker and delegates from FSL.

Safia Messaoudi


I am a Tunisian Assistant professor. I got my PhD in the field of molecular biology and genetics in 2013 from the University of Monastir, Tunisia.

My research interests has initiated in Medical genetics. It has encompassed many projects focusing on the study of molecular diagnosis markers of cardiovascular diseases.

Since 2015, I started a new challenge in the field of DNA forensic analysis in the department of Forensic biology at the college of forensic sciences in Naif Arab University for security sciences (NAUSS), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I work as an assistant professor of molecular biology and genetics. I also teach cytogenetics, biostatistics and bioinformatics. This experience has introduced me to a variety of people interested in teaching of forensic DNA analysis and crime scene investigation.

I am involved in many projects whether in medical genetics or forensic DNA analysis.

I was an advisor for many master thesis projects focusing in the use of Circulating DNA in criminal justice and breast cancer, X-STR analysis in a cohort of a Saudi population, Monoamine oxidase and aggressive behavior, mitochondrial DNA mutations, G6PD genetics, application of Next generation sequencing in forensic sciences and also in the detection of somatic mutation in Saudi breast cancer patients etc…

In addition my experience in Biostatistic gave me first hand exposure to a wide range of forensic and biomedical studies, which helped me, gain a broader perspective of the field.