GCC Forensics 2019 will include a poster display with graphic depictions of the latest forensic research from institutions around the world. With this, we will be able to cover a broader scope of content that may be relevant to niche disciplines as well as encourage knowledge dissemination from emerging investigators. The poster presenters will be attending the event in order to discuss their findings with the other participants. Please see a list of current selected posters that will be showcased at this year’s event:

Diversity of Human Leukocyte Antigens in populations of the Arabian Peninsula can be used in for identification in forensic science

Halima Abdalla Khamis Ahmed Alnaqbi, PhD Student, Khalifa University

Study of Autosomal STR markers in United Arab Emirates population

Mohammed Nagy, Forensic Researcher, Dubai Police

Suicidal ideation among students of a medical college in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional study

Maha Abdulaziz AlAssaf, 5th year Medical Student at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Pattern of fatal injuries due to road traffic accidents in Khartoum, Sudan

Rawan Khalid, Alneelain University

The development and evaluation of finger marks on Firearms from the Components frequently handled

Mauricio Delano Chase, Detective in the Forensics Scenes of Crime Unit of the Royal Barbados Police Force

Evolution of Social Media in Information Proliferation during Acts of Terrorism

Sharmila Narayanan, Postgraduate Student, Amity University Dubai

Mutation rate at 13 rapidly mutating Y-STR loci in the population of Yemen living in UAE

Tareq Ahmed, Forensic Researcher, Dubai Police

Six Powerful Yet Little-known Ways to Use Victim Advocacy to build a DNA Database

Vanessa Lynch, The DNA Project

Law suits, Traditional Rites and family feuds: How Forensic DNA analysis help solve a ‘misidentified’ 10-year old post-burial family litigation

Kofi Adjapong Afrifah, Ghana Police Service

Profiling of Intoxication related Deaths: Causes and Manners of Death influenced by drug intoxication in kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Mohammed Nour Eldin Foda, Forensic Doctor, Directorate of Forensic Science evidence ,Public Prosecution,Kingdom of Bahrain