The 2019 GCC Forensics Conference Call for Papers is now closed. Further submissions will only be accepted on a rolling basis, if spaces remain on the programme following a speaker cancellation. Papers submitted after the deadline may not be reviewed at all for this year’s conference.


This event will bring together law enforcement, forensic scientists, experts, researchers and educators from around the world who are engaged in forensic science as well as related investigative and security fields. The purpose of the conference and co-located exhibition is to discuss the current state, and further developments of the sector through presentations, workshops, case study analysis, and panel discussions.

We are particularly interested in presentations covering the following topics:

  • Terrorism-related crime handling from the crime scene to courtroom
  • IED and CBNRe – evidence handling, safety and identification
  • Advancements in forensic DNA techniques and emerging technology
  • Human identification, forensic medicine, and biological evidence preservation
  • Forensic toxicology and drug control
  • Digital forensics and cybersecurity in the Middle East
  • Facial recognition, AI and other cutting-edge technology applied to criminal investigation
  • Innovation in casework and high volume laboratory management
  • Future of crime scene investigation
  • Multidisciplinary and complex case studies from across the globe 

Other studies that may be related to overall conference scope will also be considered for presentation as long as they meet the main submission criteria.

Important Deadlines

1 July 2019 Abstract submission deadline
1 August 2019 Final notifications sent to speakers
1 September 2019 Full slides deadline

General Guidelines for Potential Speakers

  • All submitted abstracts must be in English, Arabic studies must include full translation
  • The content of the abstract is solely the responsibility of the author. The original abstract is reprinted exactly as provided. It is therefore essential that the abstract is correctly typed. Avoid errors, corrections and misspellings.
  • All reports must be based on work that has already been completed. No studies "in progress" will be accepted.
  • Please clearly indicate the name of the presenting author, who will be considered the contact person for all correspondence connected with this abstract.
  • All submitted abstracts need to have the names and surnames of all co-authors, along with their positions in their affiliated institutions
  • All submitted abstracts must not exceed 500 words with no use of abbreviations
  • It is expected that, in keeping with normal publication protocol, the first author (the presenting author) has made the greatest contribution to the work described.
  • All co-authors must have approved the abstract submission.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of abstracts will be made by email to the presenting author.  Therefore it is essential that a complete e-mail address is provided on the abstract submission form.

Use the following subtitles in your abstract as appropriate:

  • Background
  • Description
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Workshop submissions:

  • Attach a full proposed timetable of activities
  • All subsections must include the appropriate subtitles informing full description of content

Notice: Due to the nature of the event, speakers and visitors will be required to meet the admission criteria and obtain security clearance. 

Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the conference themes
  • Excellence in research practices and adherence to international standards of ethics
  • Possibility of real life implementation of research post conference by regional police forces
  • Reliance on actual case studies 
  • Completeness of the required information submitted including abstract, references and submission form

Scope of the Conference:

  • CSI
  • Forensic DNA
  • Forensic Psychology 
  • Trace Evidence
  • Future Forensic Technology
  • Criminalistics
  • Lab Management & Forensic Intelligence
  • DVI
  • Toxicology & Drug Control
  • Applied genomics
  • Forensic Pathology & Legal Medicine
  • Entomology
  • Forensic Anthropology 
  • Forensic Archaeology
  • Wildlife Forensics & Animal Doping
  • Digital & cybercrime investigations
  • Questioned Documents & Counterfeit Currency
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Ethics & Bias
  • Ballistics
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Explosions and fire investigations

Submission process

Contact us    

If you have any queries regarding your submission, please contact Mariana on the details below:

Mariana De Carli 
Content Manager 
T: +971 (0) 4 4356101 
M: +971 (0) 52 657 9856